Hybrid Renewable Energy Micro Utility System

Off- Grid
Grid- Tied

Practical Inexpensive
Zero CO2 Emissions
Home Energy

Affordable, Clean , Convenient

Renewable Hybrid Energy


less than $1.25 per /day
to operate and maintain

Consistent Reliable 

160 amps   120/240 volts 

Home Energy 

For the price of the average

ATV vehicle own a  50 year 

Pollution- Free  

Energy Supply 

A Complete Assembly Manual & Guide Including Sample Diagrams

  • Rural locations
  • Urban locations
  • Remote locations

Suitable For All Climate Conditions

Compact Yard Size

100 Sq.ft 9 Sq.m
10′ x 10 ′ 3m x 3m

- Easy to use

-Easy to assemble

- Easy to source parts & components

Global warming encourages the use of alternative and renewable energy sources that are renewable, easy to obtain, easy to process, and expected to shift dependency from fossil fuels to environmentally friendly energy sources.

Renewable energy is energy produced from sources that do not deplete or can be replenished and are produced with little -To-No environmental impact and does not dispense  greenhouses gasses into the air that contributes to global warming, the way fossil fuel do.

The successful stand-alone systems take advantage of a combination of techniques and technologies to generate reliable power, reduced cost, and minimize inconvenience. 

Environmentally Responsible renewable small-scale generation of electrical power to meet home electrical energy requirements as an alternative or supplements to traditional centralized grid-connected power.

Economical , environmentally sustainable, adaptable, easy to operate, low maintenance renewable AC electrical energy for home use.

Increase property value, government grants, incentives, and tax rebates mean affordable low-cost clean home energy.

How to order your assembly manual & guide

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